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My name is Hari Rana. I’m known as TheEvilSkeleton, TheEvilSkely, Skelly, and Tesk online.

I contribute to free and open source software as much as I can, mainly documentation, Flatpak/Flathub and Fedora. I am currently a part of the Fedora Editorial board at Fedora Magazine, occasionally writing and editing articles. I am also a part of Fedora quality assurance (QA). I want to contribute to the adoption of the Linux desktop by promoting various technologies and helping people in need of assistance. I write articles as a hobby, mainly about Linux. My content are meant for educational purposes because I believe in open information, so I talk less about myself and more about technologies.

If you are curious and want to know more about what I like, check out the Rocks page!

Personal Setup


My laptop is a Dell Inspiron 15 5005 (OPTION TWO). My desktop is a custom built PC with the following specs:


Operating System

At the moment, I use Fedora Silverblue as the operating system (OS) on both my laptop and desktop computer. I use GNOME as my main desktop environment (DE) with the following GNOME extensions:

Software and Applications

I use the following software and applications frequently:

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